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    A group of the dead dragged themselves towards the teenager, their foul sigh and smell assaulting the senses as she fled. Finding refuge in an empty building, the doors slammed shut behind her.

It was then when tired eyes met the silhouette of a stranger. The sight painting a frown on blood covered features… 


                          A gun aimed in the direction of the shadow, hazel hues squinting in an attempt to determine living or dead…


you did NOTb r e a k me. 
                —— i’m [ still ] fighting. 

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"You alright?" Carl asked as he pulled the arrow from the walkers’s head, action that made a disgusting sound as the arrow left the head, Carl ending up scrunching his nose. He always hated getting this close to them, it made him throw up, the way they looked, the way they smelled. Bleah "What are ya doing alone here at this hour?"


                             "—I… I’m fine" she finally breathed after stumbling over her own words, a grateful expression barely visible in the darkness.


                    The English girl couldn’t help but cower as the stranger approached, blade raised in fearful defense. Preparing herself for the worst. Dark eyes studying the stranger as he spoke…

                                        Amy fell silent at his question, her gaze falling from the face of her company before avoiding his question. 

                                                  "—I could ask you the same thing"

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   The word was harsh, bit out quickly between clenched teeth. She had seen the flex of the girl’s arm. The shift of her hand. “I’m not going to hurt you as long as you don’t do anything stupid,” she stressed. “But you go for whatever you’re going for, and we’re going to have a problem.”

    Adrian averted her weapon from the girl, showing that she was not intending to hurt her. “I can get the arrow back from your corpse. You’d waste a bullet. And you’d never get close enough to use a knife.”

   Adrian backed up further, putting more distance between the girl. Then she jerked her chin at the rabbit. “And be glad I just ate. Or I’d be going for that.”

    Then she crouched back down and resumed washing her hands, keeping her eyes on the girl.

               A frown soon crept upon pale features, fear hidden behind slight annoyance, her hands not stopping, instead she produced her gun. Loading it in front of the stranger before placing it back in her pocket.


                                      "—Don’t worry. If you try anything, I’ve got a spare one just for you. Wouldn’t exactly call it a waste"

 Shaken steps approached the water, disguised by a relaxed demeanor. Throwing her backpack from scarred shoulders, the leather colliding with damp earth with a faint thud, her kill remaining in her possession. Filthy hands producing an empty water bottle, keeping the stranger in her peripheral vision, preparing herself for the worst despite battling to appear nonchalant.  

               Her throat grew die as grazed skin met the cool water, though her desperation for something to drink was desperately hidden behind vacancy, patience driving her insane with each second it took for the bottle to fill. Only when the water met her lips did she finally relax, slowly being swept from dehydration. 


'Leave her.'

The little line that her brain had managed to come up with stunned her. Melissa had stopped running when she noticed that the girl was no longer at her side. Looking behind her she saw how her ‘guest’ was being pinned down by a chomper, a fast one at that. The teen’s hand moved slightly as if to take a grip on her hidden switchblade but the girl had already managed to take care of the undead man with her own knife.

'Leave her, this is your chance! You didn't had a doubt in the past months, why now?!'


'She could be bit! Think!'

Mentally arguing with herself only made their situtation worse, the horde was quickly getting closer to both girls, the moans and snarls of the undead getting louder, just like the gunshots and yelled obsenities of the living.

"Shit!" Against all the odds, Melissa ran towards the smaller girl and roughly took one of her arms, pulling her up quickly.


"What the fuck do you think you’re doing?! Get the hell up!"

Not paying attention to anything else, and still holding the girl’s arm, Melissa started running once again towards the end of the woods, the moans behind them growing in number.

She could see small buildings in the distance, the forest pulling away to make room for a dusty road with some crashed cars. “The town isn’t that far away now, don’t you do any other stupid shit!”

' I'm helping her because I don't kill survivors, leaving her was a death sentence, and I don't give death sentences'  

And like hell that was going to change now.

                      Dirty hands clutched the teens forearm as she was pulled to her feet, a grateful expression falling into that of annoyance at the girls reaction, a frown upon now bloodied features. 


                      Determination and longing for survival drowning her in an ocean of adrenaline, pace quickening while beside her companion, resisting the urge to steal a glance at the deceased that lay behind them. The sound of the living now almost fully covered the noises of the dead. Both sounds assaulting her ears.

                                                           a gun shot.

A breathy gasp escaped through parted lips, tempted by exhaustion, each intake of breath burning her lungs, sweat still falling down her neck. Though her health had remained surprising with the passing months…

                                                                            "—How much further?" 



"You have to be more careful at night." Carl said after he shot an arrow in the walker’s head that was about to attack the girl from behind and walked towards the body to retrieve the arrow.


Hazel hues squinted, struggling to see in the absence of the sun. Exhaustion creeping upon her every thought, with this came carelessness, and with that brought danger. 

A grunt of terror escaped pale lips as she felt decaying hands tear at dark hair, a scream stifled through gritted teeth as the monster lunged for her, cut hands pushing it away, staring upon her rotting fate at arms length. 

A hand falling from it’s decomposing frame, thin fingers struggling for the handle of her hunting knife, horror painted upon dirtied features, shock and relief battling against her as the creature fell still, the tip of an arrow emerging from it’s forehead.

                                 Throwing the corpse aside. Her stare meeting that of a strangers…


                                 Breath catching in her lungs as adrenaline faded, hunting knife now grasped tightly, unaware of the survivors intentions.


H A P P Y    N E W    Y E A R    ;    2 0 1 4

It is now 2014 in the UK and I want to wish every single one of you a Happy New Year. I hope that it is amazing for each and every one of you. 2013 hasn’t been the best year, and honestly I’m glad to see the back of it but I owe a thank you to this entire fandom for being so lovely to me, there’s almost 400 of you and I can’t believe it. Thank you for everything. Here’s to everyone having a wonderful New Years Eve, please be safe and happy! Can’t wait for us to enter a new year together.                  

In short ; thank you for tolerating me despite me being a cheesey little shit and have a fab year. Okay? Okay. 

                                                                  — alex